SkyGrow Fabric Grow Bags are manufactured from a thick non-woven fabric. Probably the best solution for growing in compartments such as Flower Troughs, Vertical Gardens, Hydro-phonic Growing etc., These Grow bags are ideal for edible landscaping, home gardening and for commercial nurseries. The product comes in various sizes and shapes to meet your specific requirements.

SkyGrow- Technology

1. High Strength & Longer Durability
SkyGrow Fabric Grow Bags are made out of specially engineered, UV resistant, high tenacity fabric made in Italy, stitched by us with high strength outdoor thread, which is also resistant to UV rays.
Sri lanka, Skygrow, Skytech Engineering, Growbags
2. High Flexibility
Thanks to the high flexibility gained due to fabric Grow Bag system, plants can be packed in a Trough with better density. Further, maintenance will be much easier, since the growbag with plant and soil can be taken out easily without tampering with the soil.
Sri lanka, Skygrow, Skytech Engineering, Growbags
3. Breathable Pot
The fabric selected for the products offers the best permeability. Therefore, the root structure will receive sufficient air from entire wall system, unlike in plastic pots. Thus, pot soil does not require to be loosened frequently. This helps branching out the roots better and enables the plants in SkyGrow Fabric Grow Bags to flourish with fibrous roots that allow better absorption enabling plants to grow faster and healthier.
SkyGrow- Technology-3
4. Efficient Water Drainage
SkyGrow Fabric Grow Bags are designed to easily drain out the excess water through its highly permeable fabric pot walls system. Thus, excess water is never retained to disturb the healthy root growth. Conventional plastic pots however, do not transfer the excess water this efficiently and in most cases pot holes also get blocked from the compressed pot soil or over grown roots, damaging the root structure.
SkyGrow- Technology-4
5. Better Heat Insulation
The air barrier created by the thick fabric wall blocks the outside heat from getting transferred to the pot soil and root structure. Whereas in conventional plastic pots, outside heat get absorbed into the pot wall and get transferred to the soil damaging the root structure.
Better Heat Insulation
6. Natural Soil Conditioner
We supply all SkyGrow Bag solutions with sufficient 100% natural coco-peat briquettes made by us. Coco-peat helps convert any type of soil to a growable soil making it possible to maintain an optimum level of water and air within the pot soil.