SkyGrow Structured Vertical Garden Solutions

Taking Vertical Gardens to New Heights!

Vertical Gardens are a perfect solution for growing in limited space, whether it be indoors or outdoors. Also known as live green walls, a well-designed vertical garden can instantly lite up the surrounding allowing you the perceived indulgence of a moonlit night in the forest, when your dwelling actually constitutes of a simple plot in a high storey complex!

In addition to the ambience, having a healthy vertical garden gives enormous benefits to the environment. When you have one on your external walls, the daytime heat gets absorbed to a considerable extent thereby cooling the interior of your building which in turn paves the way to reduced costs on electricity bills, that otherwise would soar up due to the constant use of air conditioners. Further, it absorbs polluted gases from the environment making the air that you breathe in healthier.

However, despite the attractive benefits and the beauty it presents, vertical growing comes with the additional burden of difficulty in maintenance of the plants at heights. The vertical gardens we see today are mostly made out of plastic pots, which are inherent with many drawbacks.

Addressing all these drawbacks of the conventional “plastic pot vertical gardens,” we are now introducing SkyGrow Structured Vertical Gardens, made out of Polypropylene non-woven fabric reinforced with a steel structure  to make your dream perfect vertical garden a reality.

Whether it is to get just the right ambiance for your restaurant, to hide away the concrete clutter of your corporate office, for your confined terrace on your front or back garden, or simply for the calming effect that greenery brings upon us, SkyGrow Vertical Gardens can be easily implemented in a variety of ways to suit your requirement and budget.

There are two main types

Externally Supported Vertical Garden Structures

Stand-alone Type Vertical Garden Structures


1. Purpose – Built to Provide Sufficient Air for the Root Growth

The non-woven fabric selected for the products offers the best permeability with its ideal “Apparent Opening Size.” Therefore, the root structure will receive sufficient air from entire wall system of the SkyGrow bags, even without the pot soil being loosened. This helps branching out the roots better and enables the plants in SkyGrow Vertical Gardens to flourish with fibrous roots that allow better absorption making plants to grow faster and healthier.

Wall garden landscape Architecture

2. Efficient Water Drainage by the Entire Wall System

A commonly occurring incident in conventional vertical gardens is that the retained excess water expels the air out from the pot soil disturbing the healthy growth of plants. SkyGrow Vertical Garden solution eliminates this problem as they are designed to easily drain out the excess water through the highly permeable fabric pot walls.

Landscape Architecture of vertical garden fabric pots

3. Drip Irrigation system

SkyGrow vertical gardens are designed to work with Drip Irrigation system which controls the water within the entire plant structure.

Automation or the drip irrigation system comes in as an option.

4. Assured Long Durability

SkyGrow Vertical Gardens are made out of specially engineered, UV resistant, high tenacity Polypropylene fabric made in Italy, stitched by us with high strength outdoor thread, which is also resistant to UV rays.

Further these fabric panels are reinforced with a specially designed steel structure. Therefore, the durability of SkyGrow Vertical Garden Solutions are probably the highest in the market.

5. Natural Soil Conditioner

We supply all SkyGrow Vertical Garden solutions with sufficient 100% natural coco-peat briquettes made by us. Coco-peat helps convert any type of soil to a growable soil making it possible to maintain an optimum level of water and air within the pot soil.