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SkyGrow bags are a unique innovation that is one giant step forward from the traditional grow bags. Made out of a special virgin quality Polypropylene, non-woven fabric inherent with enormous benefits to plant growth, SkyGrow bags are highly durable and reusable. They are therefore ideal for Commercial Nurseries, Green houses, Home Gardens, Edible landscaping and for gardeners employing the Hydroponic growing technique.

Additionally, SkyGrow bags are offered with compressed coco-peat which is an additional natural soil conditioner allowing better potting soil for enhanced plant growth.

Some of the special features of SkyGrow bags are highlighted as below.


1. Reusable, Long Lasting with Assured Durability

SkyGrow bags are made out of special UV resistant, virgin quality high tenacity Polypropylene, non-woven fabric manufactured in Italy, and stitched into bags by us with UV-resistant High Tenacity-UHMWPE (Ultra Heavy Molecular Weight Poly Ethylene) thread made in Spain. This unique thread is supposedly the strongest thread in the world available to date.

We are therefore, able to attest the strength and durability of SkyGrow bags to a minimum of 7 years, with assurance.

2. Enhanced Ventilation for Root Growth

Plant roots require an ample supply of air for healthy growing. The non-woven fabric specifically selected for the purpose provides the ideal permeability (i.e., optimal “Apparent Opening Size”) for the root structure to receive sufficient air from the entire wall system of the bag. This helps better branching out of the roots resulting in a fibrous root structure enhancing absorption.

SkyGrow Bag's maximum air flow to roots

3. Excess Water Drainage

Conventional plant pots retain excess water within, expelling the air out and disturbing plant growth. SkyGrow bags, however, are designed to easily drain out the excess water through the highly permeable fabric pot walls.

Excess water drained out from SkyGrow grow pots

4. Natural Soil Conditioner

We supply all SkyGrow bags with sufficient 100% natural coco-peat briquettes made by us. Coco-peat is able to convert any type of soil to “grow-able” making it possible to maintain an optimum level of water and air within the pot soil.

5. Optimal Heat Insulation

Normal plastic pots tend to increase the soil temperature during daytime in the hot season. In contrast, the non-woven fabric wall of SkyGrow bags keeps the heat from getting transferred to the pot soil by creating an air barrier within the wall.

6. Fixed Shape with Extra Strength

SkyGrow bags will retain their shape throughout thanks to its special design of having a polypropylene grid inserted between the two geotextile layers. This design helps maintain the shape of the bag done using the highly flexible non-woven material while providing additional strength and support.
Durable high quality growing bags

Long live grow bags

7. Edible Landscaping Made Easy

Edible landscaping has become the trendy gardening technique of late which allows you to continue ornamental gardening integrated with vegetables and fruits, giving you the added benefit of having your own home-grown organic vegetables. Our SkyGrow bags are ideal for such edible landscaping which could easily cover your day-to-day vegetable requirements. You can grow most of your preferred vegetables and fruits in an organic environment using these convenient grow bags paving the way for a healthy life free of chemical intrusions. Growing veggies has never become easier, than growing them right at your doorstep!