EROSTOP erosion control bags


Small Bag with a Big Mission!

EROSTOP bag aims to halt erosion by way of holding the earth from getting washed away. Be it be on a riverbed or a mountainous region, when positioned appropriately, the bags are powerful enough to keep the surface from eroding.

It has become the most popular product of our sand bag range due to its extra strength, resistance to Ultraviolet (UV) rays and heavy durability. The bag’s lightweight makes it easy to handle, transport and install at various heights, in different regions.

ERO-Stop is quite a versatile product as can be evidenced by the multiple applications that it supports.
Some such applications are, as listed below:

  • Soil Reinforcement Work – EROSTOP bag is very useful in reinforcing walkways/steps in hilly areas and in other kinds of soil reinforcement work.
  • Riverbank/Riverbed Protection – The bag can also be used to control erosion in riverbanks and to use as “rip-rap” in erosion prone riverbeds.
  • Flood Protection – Another very important application of EROSTOP bag is its ability to be used for protection from floods in low lying areas.
  • Construction Sites – This bag is also widely used for Permanent Slope Protection in construction sites and also for temporary retaining walls.
  • Agricultural Applications – EROSTOP is an ideal product to block water in irrigation canals and also for distributing water by releasing the bags in stages for cultivation.The filling material of EROSTOP bag can be any type of sandy soil, chips, gravels or any other fine material that can easily be grabbed from the surrounding. Sealing the bags is easy with the use of basic bag closing machine.One of the most attractive features of this bag is that it is reusable. This means that, when the required application or project is over, you can clean and store it for future use.
    The fabric material of EROStOP bag is special virgin quality, polypropylene non-woven fabric made in Italy. In order to obtain high performance in carrying weight and tenacity we have stitched the bags using UV resistant, UHMWPE thread which is supposed to be the strongest thread on earth.