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SkyGrow BagsSkyGrow Bags

"Grow Fast - Grow Healthy - Grow with SkyGrow!"

SkyGrow bags are a unique innovation that is one giant step forward from the traditional grow bags. These are offered with compressed coco-peat which is an additional natural soil conditioner allowing better potting soil for enhanced plant growth. Ideal for Commercial Nurseries, Greenhouses, Home Gardens, Edible Landscaping and for growers using Hydroponic growing technique.


SkyGrow Structured Vertical Garden SolutionsSkyGrow Structured Vertical Garden Solutions

"Taking Vertical Gardens to New Heights!"

If you have a passion for vertical growing, our vertical garden solution would be ideal for you, as they are specially designed and built to address all drawbacks of conventional vertical gardens. SkyGrow will enable the plants to grow faster and healthier without much supervision and maintenance and will make your dream perfect vertical garden a reality.



"Save the Beach with WAVEPLUS"

Is a simple sandbag with a giant mission – WAVEPLUS sandbags are specially designed for halting sea erosion thereby preserving the beaches with their natural habitat. The bag can withstand powerful waves, with its ability take in 6 tons of sand in a single bag.



"Small Bag with a Big Mission!"

EROSTOP bag aims to halt erosion by way of holding the earth from getting washed away. Be it be on a riverbed or a mountainous region, when positioned appropriately, the bags are powerful enough to keep the surface from eroding.


SkyGrow Coco-PeatSkyGrow Coco-Peat

"World’s Best Natural Soil Conditioner!"

Coco-Peat, which is also known as coir pith or coir dust is extracted from the husk of a coconut. The coir dust is washed, heated, screened and graded before being processed into various coco-peat products for horticultural and animal bedding applications.