SkyTech Engineering (Pvt) LtdWe Bring Nature Closer to You!


To become the most preferred and inspired solution provider to protect the environment for the present & future generations, by supplying innovative environmental protective products and services.


To continuously develop and supply innovative environmental protective products and services to the highest quality standards and at competitive prices, to conserve and restore natural ecosystems.

We, SkyTech Engineering Private Limited, a Company incorporated in Sri Lanka, offer a variety of unique eco-friendly products to suite corporate, domestic as well as large scale environmental applications addressing the present pressing requirement of maintaining the right ecological balance.

With rapid urbanization, climate change and global warming reaching calamitic proportions in various parts of the world, human interferences causing imbalances in natural ecosystems has become the bitter truth that is hard to ignore in this age despite the technological advances.

Over at SkyTech Engineering, we are happy to pool in our contribution to saving the Earth, with our unique range of eco-friendly products from salvaging damaged beachfronts to convenient indoor gardening at sky heights.

Our solutions are widespread, tested and are provided with the right technical expertise to help you with transportation, installation and maintenance.

Our products include vertical garden solutions, grow bags, sand containers and natural soil conditioner manufactured by us using very special materials.

The WAVEPLUS Sandbags – ”Save the Beach with WAVEPLUS!” is a simple sandbag with a giant mission – WAVEPLUS sandbags are specially designed for halting sea erosion thereby preserving the beaches with their natural habitat. The bag can withstand powerful waves, with its ability take in 6 tons of sand in a single bag. Extremely durable and adjustable to marine environments exposed to heavy sunlight.
SkyGrow Vertical Gardens – “Taking Vertical Gardens to New Heights!” If you have a passion for growing even within confined space, our vertical garden solution would be ideal for you as it comprises of grow bags specially designed and built to address all drawbacks of conventional vertical gardens. This solution, tailored to make your dream perfect vertical garden a reality, enables the plants to grow faster and healthier without much supervision and maintenance.
SkyGrow Bags – “Grow Fast – Grow Healthy – Grow with SkyGrow!” Ideal for Commercial Nurseries, Greenhouses, Home Gardens, for Edible landscaping and for gardeners employing the Hydroponic growing technique, the SkyGrow bags are a unique innovation that is one giant step forward from the traditional grow bags.
SkyGrow Coco-Peat – “World’s Best Natural Soil Conditioner!” Compressed Coco-Peat which is also known as coir pith or coir dust is extracted from the husk of a coconut is developed by us to use as a natural soil conditioner allowing better potting soil for enhanced plant growth.
EROSTOP – “Small Bag with a Big Mission! Our ERO-Stop bag mainly aims to control erosion by way of preventing earth getting washed away. With its unique versatility and strength, this has become the most popular product of our sand bag range, and is used in multiple applications.